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Create QR Codes to Promote Your Events

As QR codes have become mainstream for consumers to access everything from menus to promotions, we know it’s essential for our schools to be able to promote their events with QR signage. Now in GoFan HQ, you can easily generate QR codes to help fans find your GoFan school page or a specific GoFan event.

Now you can:
  • Download and share your QR codes as images
  • Generate and access QR self-checkout flyers to post throughout your campus and at your event
  • Create unique QR codes that link to your school page
  • Create unique QR codes that link to a specific event or even a unique ticket type
  • Sell more tickets and help users find your events faster

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my QR codes? Simply log in your GoFan HQ account and click on any event from your HQ Dashboard to view and download your generated QR codes.

How do I promote my events using QR Codes?

Download the image and include it in your social media posts or download the flyer and post at your event, around the school, or around your town. Just make sure you’ve downloaded the correct QR code to link to your school page, event page, or a specific ticket.

For more resources to help promote your events, check out our Success Kit.

What if I still have questions?

If you need additional support, view our guided tutorials found in the Help Desk Center by clicking the question mark at the bottom-right corner of your GoFan HQ screen. You can also submit a Support Request for further assistance.

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