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“With GoFan, our administration has greater visibility into ticket sales across campus. We’re also able to reduce our event personnel expenses and provide an enhanced experience for our fans.”
Dr. LaShawn Smith
Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, Meadowcreek High School
"The best thing is to not have cash. Also, you can log in and have real-time attendance just like that. Not having to count cash, deal with cash, and accept cash or checks from schools has been a dream come true."
Bobbi Madsen
CFO, California Interscholastic Federation
“GoFan has totally changed the face of our fans’ experience when entering sporting events in our district. GoFan is quick, easy, safe, and reliable. We're grateful to have such an amazing ticketing system for our fans and stadium workers."
André Walker
District Athletic Director, Houston Independent School District
“If you give people an option, they will defer to the old way. So for us, it was important to be ALL IN. We had a little resistance in the beginning, and now GoFan is the best financial solution we could have asked for! We’re never going back!”
Tammie Talley
District Athletic Director, Duval County Public Schools
“Our principal and I have received calls and emails from fans thanking us for going 100% digital. GoFan is easier and safer. Our bookkeepers are happy. It’s been a phenomenal experience.”
Brian Warwick
Assistant Athletic Director, Stillwater School District
“GoFan has been a great experience. It's part of our pivoting we've had to do to adjust to what's going on nowadays with events. GoFan is a great solution for a lot of our schools and has helped us host events with reduced staff.”
Ron Marquez
Events and Operations Manager, CIF San Diego Section

How Meadowcreek High School Pioneered Digital Ticketing with GoFan

In partnership with GoFan for digital ticketing and event management, Meadowcreek has achieved these key outcomes:

  • Save time and simplify account reconciliation
  • Reduce event expenses and increase revenue
  • Provide comprehensive, transparent data for audits

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Meadowcreek Digital Ticketing Case Study


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