Digital Ticketing for the Arts

Save time, increase revenue, and focus on what matters: moments that become memories.

Elevate the event experience for your Theatre, Speech, Debate, and Music programs

GoFan proudly partners with schools nationwide to bring communities together to celebrate the arts. We understand how much work takes place leading up to a performance, and we make it easy to create, promote, manage, and reconcile all your events in one place.

Event Management for the Arts

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Set up your events online in minutes, sell tickets effortlessly, and make changes as needed.

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Connect with your audience and increase sales with our exclusive marketing automation.

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Track sales in real time, validate tickets securely, limit capacity, and allow guests to reserve seats.

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Run reports on sales and attendance, receive funds promptly, and download payment statements.

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8 Advantages of Digital Ticketing for Performing Arts Events

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Reserved Seating

With reserved seating, your venue is mapped in the platform, and your guests can easily select their desired seats when purchasing tickets. 

  • Elevate the experience for your guests

  • Customize colors and ticket prices

  • Manage capacity and visualize sales

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Save time and increase revenue

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Turnkey Events

Create events, sell tickets, track sales, and run reports effortlessly.

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Quick & Easy Checkout

Guests can buy tickets in seconds using a credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

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Best Event Entry

Guests can enter events quickly and securely. No scanning or Wi-Fi required.

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Reduce Staffing Needs

With no cash to count and a faster check-in process, you won't need to ask your busy staff to work at events.

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Keep 100% of Ticket Sales

Set your ticket prices for each event and keep all revenue - we even cover credit card fees.

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No Lost Revenue

Improve security and transparency with digital payments and real-time financial reporting.

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"GoFan made our theatre department tickets go out without a hitch; our dance department cannot believe how easy it is to create tickets and make a QR code, and they are thrilled by how quickly they receive their ticket profits. GoFan made the ticket sales process so easy."
Karin Best
HPE Department Chair & Teacher, Savannah Arts Academy

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