About Us



GoFan and our parent company, Huddle Tickets, are the leaders in high school ticketing solutions. Since 2001, we’ve worked with over 10,000 schools selling over 20 million tickets — more digital high school tickets than any company.

We are the trusted partner for 39 state athletic associations and expect to offer over 200,000 events for the upcoming school year.



Exceptional Fan Experience

We strive to provide fans with the easiest and fastest ticketing experience. Fans can easily buy and share tickets to all school events and enjoy contactless entry. No equipment, scanning, or contact is required.

Turnkey Event Management

GoFan HQ is our user-friendly administration system that makes event management easier than ever. Add and edit your own events, manage capacity, release select tickets early for family or home fans, view event sales in real-time, download financial statements, and more – all from an elegant, intuitive platform.

Transparent Digital Finance

Set the ticket price for each event and keep all ticket revenue. GoFan adds a convenience fee for fans as low as $1 per ticket, and we cover all credit card fees. A bookkeeper’s best friend with no cash to count, streamlined account reconciliation, and transparent financial reports available on demand.

GoFan. Your Ticket to High School.