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New in GoFan HQ: Mobile Pass Transfer

The best and only way to manage your season passes, all-sports passes, adult/student passes and even sport-specific passes is with the GoFan Mobile Pass.

Today, GoFan offers our schools the ability to deliver an all-digital distribution of a multi-use mobile pass. This enables schools or booster clubs to provide access to multiple events in the same day or over time. Passes can be set to a specific day or range of dates within GoFan HQ. They can also be set to be redeemed over several hours, so fans could use them for an all-day tournament to validate tickets throughout the day. Just like our regular event tickets, mobile passes offer peace of mind to track usage and collect payment without equipment or headache.

We recently launched the ability to manage your mobile passes in GoFan HQ so you can review who has purchased passes and create a new pass all on your own.

Now, we are offering even more functionality to your attendees with the ability to transfer mobile passes. With the hectic day-to-day schedules of parents and students, the ability to transfer passes to their friends and family is a welcomed addition to their GoFan experience.

How can attendees transfer tickets? With a few steps on the GoFan App or on www.gofan.co.

  1. Open your mobile passes
  2. Choose the transfer button
  3. Enter recipient's email address

Mobile Pass Transfer GIF

We're always looking for ways to benefit our customers and your fans. Stay tuned as we continue to evolve our platform and make it an unbelievably simple experience.

Please visit our support desk to view more information about this new feature.

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