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5 Ideas for Your Next School Fundraiser

5 Ideas for Your Next School Fundraiser

Schools nationwide are finding creative ways to raise funds for their programs online. Whether it’s building support for a playoff-bound team or hosting annual holiday sales, schools are raising funds easily and securely with GoFan. 

To help kickstart your efforts, we’ve compiled a list of ideas for inspiration for your next school fundraiser:

1.  Playoff Fundraising 

Earning the chance to compete for a state title is exciting and rewarding. The last thing you want to worry about is how you’ll pay for travel expenses for your team in the postseason. To get started, craft a simple message to your fans communicating the needs of your playoff-bound team.

Your fans will be eager to support your team as they progress through the playoffs, especially when you make it easy for them to contribute.

To learn more about how it works, watch a short video.


2.  Meaningful Causes for Your Community

Schools are often working with limited funds and resources. Are there any programs at your school in need of a little extra support? Any initiatives on campus that would be impactful to your fanbase?

You can easily create online fundraisers for new uniforms and equipment, facility updates, and community service projects. For example, one of our partner schools recently hosted a "No Kids Hungry" fundraiser during Thanksgiving to give back to local children in need.

3.  School Spirit Gear Sales

Consider hosting a spirit theme night for an upcoming home game. Some popular themes we’ve seen are Hawaiian, camouflage, and school color themes like “red out.” To encourage fans to participate, have specialty shirts made to match the theme.

You can easily sell the shirts on the GoFan platform and track your progress toward your goal. This will not only help you gain support for your fundraiser but will also foster community engagement.

4.  Fundraiser Dinner

There are many families involved in each school program and great opportunities to gather them together while also raising support. Host a fundraising event for parents to come together for a dinner night.

Charge an admission fee to the dinner and consider having a silent auction at the event to get the community even more engaged. 

5.  Holiday & Specialty Fundraisers

Many schools host annual fundraisers around the holidays to help raise funds for programs across campus. Poinsettias, chocolate bars, wrapping paper, and popcorn are popular items for holiday fundraisers. One of our partner schools recently had a successful fundraiser selling bags of potatoes!

Even when selling tangible items, you can always give your fans the option to contribute directly to your cause with a simple online donation.

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To learn more about how easy it is to raise funds with GoFan, check out our recent Product Blog

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