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MHSA to Offer Digital Ticketing for Winter Sports

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HELENA, Mont. – The Montana High School Association (MHSA) will offer digital ticketing for certain 2021-2022 postseason athletic events. Also, if schools are interested in this platform for their regular-season contests, please contact Brian Michelotti at the MHSA office. In partnership with GoFan, their official digital ticketing partner, the new ticketing policy will allow MHSA and MHSA Schools to operate more efficiently prior to the game and at the gate while creating a safer and enhanced experience for students and fans.

Digital ticketing continues to be the preferred option across the country for high school athletics. The GoFan digital ticketing and event management platform has been adopted nationwide as the faster, more secure way for high school fans to purchase tickets and attend events.

“The MHSA is confident that GoFan will improve the postseason tournament fan experience for buying and redeeming tickets while at the same time making event management much more efficient,” said Mark Beckman, MHSA Executive Director. “We’re proud to partner with GoFan and look forward to providing digital ticketing for future MHSA regular season and tournament events.

“It’s an honor to announce our 39th state association partner, the MHSA. We look forward to working with Montanans across the state to make their high school event experiences first class,” said BJ Pilling, GoFan CEO. “GoFan is quickly becoming a staple for high school athletics nationwide as fans continue to adopt digital tools and embrace innovation.”

Fans can purchase tickets online through their school’s personalized GoFan page for each event or conveniently through their smartphone using a web browser or the GoFan app. As we transition to the touchless ticketing option, cash sales will still be available at the gate.

About the Montana High School Association

Originally founded in 1921 to regulate athletic competition, the Montana High School Association strives to serve all member schools by governing high school interscholastic activities in Montana. The mission of the MHSA is to ensure that the membership is provided with leadership and support in advancing equitable MHSA interscholastic activities for the growth and educational experience for students. For more information, visit mhsa.org.

About GoFan

GoFan is the largest professional digital ticketing and event management system for high schools and the trusted solution for 39 state associations and more than 250,000 events nationwide. Since 2001, GoFan has helped thousands of high schools across the country increase revenue, save time and reduce the hassle for their athletics and activities — no scanning, hardware or contact required. Visit get.gofan.co for more information.

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