Event Administration

GoFan HQ: Where You Run the Show

Run the show with the newest, most powerful event administration platform

GoFan HQ provides schools with the freedom to manage your own events, track your data, and run reports in real-time.


  • Create and edit events easily
    Add and edit your own events with a few simple steps and see all edits made by your team.

  • Maintain control
    Release select tickets early or generate private links for friends and family, home team fans, or other groups.

  • Make adjustments as needed
    Manage capacity for the event or set a maximum number of tickets per purchase.

  • Establish transparency
    View financial statements, real-time event and sales data, and ticket redemption reports to simplify planning, staffing, reconciliation, bookkeeping, and budgeting.

More Revenue. Less Hassle.

Keep 100% of Ticket Sales

Set the ticket price for each event and keep all ticket revenue. GoFan adds a convenience fee for fans, as low as $1 per ticket.

GoFan Covers All Credit Card Fees

Give your fans the convenience of credit card transactions without losing money to fees or complicating your reconciliation process.

Convenient Payout Options

Receive revenue weekly by ACH direct deposit into your account or by mailed check. Payment reports are emailed weekly and are available at GoFanHQ.

Simplified Payment Processing

No Cash to Count

Eliminate cash to avoid cash-counting errors and reduce event volunteers and staff. Avoid late-night deposits and simplify the bookkeeping process.

Less Staff Needed

With no cash to count, no tickets to sell, and a faster check-in process, you can significantly reduce the number of staff and volunteers you need at events.

Auditable Data

Save hours on bookkeeping, cash management, and account reconciliation with transparent financial reports and automated sales.

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