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See and Act on Your Event Data Like Never Before

GoFan has created insightful graphs to help showcase your ticketing data. With these insights, you can easily view what is important to you, take action to sell more tickets, and be more prepared for your events. Here’s a quick overview of the graphs you may see:

  1. School Insights

Upon logging in GoFan HQ, you’ll see three graphs at the bottom of your dashboard view:

  • Weekly/monthly ticket sales by activity

This graph displays the number of tickets sold by activity level, which can help you visualize the success of your different sports. You have the option to filter by activity in this graph view, and you can also select a specific time frame.

The data available goes back to the beginning of the school year. This data can help you improve attendance at future events by promoting activities that are not performing as well as others.

Tip: You can easily download QR code flyers in GoFan HQ to promote your events and/or your school’s GoFan page. Post these flyers throughout your campus to encourage fans to buy tickets.

  • Daily ticket sales by week

This graph can help you visualize what day of the week your tickets are being purchased. With this data you can determine which days you may need to focus on promoting your events. You have the option to filter by week and by sport type to compare your ticket sales and identify best practices.

  • School YTD sales by activity

This graph shows your school’s year-to-date ticket sales by activity level. This is extremely helpful data for you to see on a school-year scale. You can filter by sport to better visualize which activity is driving more ticket sales and make any adjustments to your budget and revenue goals.

  1. Event Insights:
  • Tickets remaining: 

This chart will be shown at the event-level view and will be available only if capacity is set, and it shows how many tickets are left for sale. If you are approaching capacity, you can begin informing your event attendees to purchase soon or determine if you want to increase your ticket allotment for your event. You can also change the visibility of your event or turn off the links for ticket purchasing by making your event links private.


Tickets sold accounts for refunds made before payment is submitted. Comp tickets are also included.


If you do have several tickets still left for your event, try these best practices to help you increase your sales: 

  • Share your event links on your school's social media platforms to build awareness and drive ticket sales
  • Send event reminders to your school’s staff, students, families, and friends through your current communication process (email, SMS, etc.)
  • Add your calendar and event links on your school’s website to make events easier to find

For more resources to promote your events, view your Success Kit. You’ll find templates for suggested messaging, social media graphics, self-checkout signs, and more.


  • Ticket sales by type:

This graph will show you tickets sold and ticket sales by type (General Admission, Student, etc.) This allows you to see the volume of ticket sales with the exact representation of the type of ticket. Before the event, it could be helpful to know if ticket allotments need to be adjusted or if additional communication is needed to drive ticket sales. After the event, this data could be helpful in your final financial reporting to the state. This information will be available in your Weekly Payment Statement as well.


Tickets sold and ticket sales by type account for refunds made before payment is submitted. Comp tickets are not included.


  • Ticket sales by school: 

If you have private home and away links set, this insight will show you the dollar value of ticket sales and the number of tickets sold for each school. Perhaps you need to adjust by setting ticket limits or increasing promotion or event visibility to the home and/or away schools.


Tickets sold and ticket sales by school account for refunds made before payment is submitted. Comp tickets are not included.


  • Tickets Redeemed

This insight will show how many tickets are redeemed (once redemptions are available), which will help you visualize how many attendees validated tickets at the event. This information can help when staffing your concessions stand and event entry points, along with determining the level of security needed.


Most events redeem around 80%, and redemption can be lower than expected due to several reasons:

  • Staff need to be trained on how to redeem tickets properly
  • Fans are confused about how to pull up their tickets
  • Fans aren’t showing up due to adverse weather conditions or health concerns


To help educate your staff and fans on redeeming tickets quickly and easily, check out our How-To Guide, which provides an overview of the process.

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