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Introducing More Payment Flexibility for Your GoFan Events

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We understand the importance of payment flexibility and are excited to provide more options for how and when you get paid for your events. 

Until now, your options to receive payment were either “calendar-based” or “event-based” for your entire account/school. As a reminder, the calendar-based payment option will issue payment weekly for any transaction that occurred in the previous week on your account (Monday through Sunday). The event-based payment option calculates all the transactions and refunds for each event with a defined end date in the previous week (Monday through Sunday). Check out our resource center to learn more about these payment types.

Now, we're giving you the option to set the payment cadence for a specific event that's different than your account setting. For example, you can get paid after each event for your basketball or football games but choose to be paid every week for your school dances or Mobile Passes. Hopefully, this gives you more freedom to collect your funds based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a payment cycle for an event?

In the optional settings for the creation of a single event, select calendar-based and click Next to continue setting up an event. See the screenshot below.

Note: For now, this can only be set when an event is created, not edited. Please reach out to finsupport@gofan.co to change a previously created or live event.

What types of events qualify?

School Dances, Mobile Pass, Registrations, & Other.

How does this affect reporting? 

Since our payments are currently processed with calendar vs. event payment settings, you may receive two different weekly payment statements IF you have chosen a different payment cycle for one of your events. Both will continue to be available via email and within the dashboard on GoFan HQ. We'll look to combine these in the near future.

GoFan Event Payment Cycle

GoFan Payment Cycle


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