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Introducing Financial Hub: Centralized Access to Everything Finance

GoFan HQ Financial Hub

GoFan HQ continues to make event management easy with the introduction of Financial Hub, providing centralized access to everything finance. When preparing post-event reporting for school administration, school bookkeepers want quick and easy access to sporting event details. Financial Hub meets all your reporting needs with:  

  • Integration of payment settings and downloadable payment statements in one place
  • New search functionality quickly finds payments for a specific event or season
  • Updated reporting filter allows bookkeepers to view data within event-based, calendar-based, or specific dates

Simplifying Financial Management

When “closing the books” for an event or season, bookkeepers can avoid manual efforts in their search for payment statements. GoFan’s Financial Hub allows them to quickly pull up statements that contain a specific payment for that event/season and download relevant high-level data or individual reports with the click of a button.


“GoFan is here to stay. The finance department loves it. If we’re ever audited, we have all of the data. Even with state capacity rules, we have proof of that instantly.”

- Brian Warwick, Assistant Athletic Director – Stillwater School District, OK


GoFan Financial Hub

Upcoming Financial Hub Features

    • The ability to download up to ten statements with one click, instead of downloading each file one by one
    • Event-level payment history, where you can see how much you have generated in sales and the payment amount for each event
    • The ability to download the Day After Event Summary report on demand
    • Access to the account-level current balance that shows how much of the sales generated is pending remittance

To learn more about how to utilize all of the configurations and capabilities of GoFan HQ, visit our Knowledge Base.


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