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GoFan HQ: Event Administration Built for Schools

GoFan HQ: Event Administration Built for Schools

The GoFan team is committed to elevating the event experience for schools and fans. We know how much work goes into managing events successfully, and we’re here to help school staff members save time scheduling, ticketing, reporting, and communicating.

GoFan HQ is truly your headquarters to oversee all your school events. We built this platform with you in mind. From team specifications to ticket colors, we’ve tailored our software to what you need to run a successful game, match, show, dance, or camp. 

Create and Manage Your Events

Whether you want to create a single event at a time or multiple, GoFan HQ allows you to add new events quickly and seamlessly.

  • In just 4 minutes and 4 easy steps, you can have your event live and on sale!
  • Make it your own with event customizations such as collecting student ID or adding an event alert about your mask policy.
  • Allow unique pricing, private links, and even colors for different ticket types.
  • Manage capacity, limiting transactions per order, ticket allotments by ticket, or even allotments by school.
  • GoFan HQ is always open - update date, time, venue, on sale, etc. any time of the day or night.
  • Get a step-by-step guide to setting up your event or your entire season in our School Knowledgebase. 

Create a Season of Events in GoFan HQ

Reporting and Insights

Now that you’re not up until midnight counting cash (thank goodness), you can take a few minutes to review and utilize the data. 

  • Ticket Sales and Tickets Sold update on your GoFan HQ Dashboard in near real-time.
  • View ticket sales by ticket type available to understand how General Admission sales stack up against Students or Military purchasers.
  • Who’s here? Review ticket validations to get a sense of how many fans are at the game. This can be helpful for staffing for future events as well.
  • How does baseball compare to basketball sales? Go deeper, reviewing your ticket sales across multiple activity types throughout your school year.
  • Understand what days of the week drive stronger ticket sales so you can adjust your messaging accordingly.

GoFan HQ Reporting & Insights

Understand Your Fans

Get to know your fans! GoFan HQ gives you the capability to review who purchased tickets for EVERY event.

  • Easily comp tickets for your coaches or other staff who need access to the event.
  • Understand who attended your event by reviewing ticket usage.
  • Download attendees to easily message them about event changes or new guidelines and restrictions.

View Attendees in GoFan HQ

Manage Financials

We understand how important your ticketing funds are to running your business, and how stressful audits can be. 

  • Quickly download your weekly payment statements from your GoFan HQ dashboard.
  • Understand how these funds break down by event or by activity type.
  • Need to change it up? Financial settings can be updated directly in GoFan HQ anytime.
  • Need help? Our financial support team is always willing and able to answer your questions.

Payment Statement in GoFan HQ

Learn More

Visit our Knowledge Base, to learn more about how to utilize all of the configurations and capabilities of GoFan HQ.

Check out our Updates & Enhancements page to view a brief history of released GoFan features and improvements.

To learn more about the new features in GoFan HQ, check out our other recent Product Blog posts linked below.

New to GoFan?  Contact us for more information.


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