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Mobile Event Management Platform GoFan HQ Proves to be a Game Changer

GoFan HQ Mobile Event Management and Digital Ticketing for Schools

ATLANTA - Creation and management of school events has never been faster or easier than with GoFan HQ, the latest event management platform from leading digital ticketing provider GoFan. The new mobile version of the platform places event management at your fingertips, providing a superior experience for athletic directors and school administrators.

GoFan HQ makes event management easy, enabling schools to take action on their events from their phones or desktops from anywhere at any time, saving significant time and effort to provide a seamless fan experience. Users can easily edit event details such as date and time, adjust capacity, review event insights including ticket sales and tickets sold by type, and turn events on and off with a single click from a mobile device.

When asked about the new “on the go” mobile features, Bill Stikes, Athletic Director at Fayette County High School in Georgia said:

“I love the copy link feature. I can do all of our social media from my phone. The ability to update ticket prices will be beneficial for our events.”

GoFan HQ expects to support over 400,000 events in the upcoming academic year for high schools, middle schools and state associations. The new mobile capabilities empower athletic directors, bookkeepers, principals and other school administrators to save even more time managing events. More than 6,000 schools nationwide have already used GoFan HQ to manage events across campus, including athletics, performing arts, dances, camps and other activities.

“GoFan has totally changed the face of our fans’ experience when entering sporting events in our district. GoFan is quick, easy, safe and reliable. We are grateful to have such an amazing ticketing system for our fans and stadium workers to use.”

- André Walker, District Athletic Director at Houston Independent School District

To learn more about how athletic directors and school administrators are using GoFan HQ, visit get.gofan.co/testimonials. Already use GoFan? Contact support@gofan.co to get access to this powerful platform.

About GoFan
GoFan is the leading digital ticketing and event management solution for schools. The official partner of 39 state associations, GoFan supports more than 300,000 events each year. Since 2001, GoFan has helped thousands of schools across the country save time, increase revenue and elevate the event experience - no scanning, hardware or contact required. Visit get.gofan.co for more information or hq.gofan.co to join.

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