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ICYMI: CIF North Coast Section Going Cashless for Playoffs with GoFan

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The adoption of digital ticketing for high school athletics has accelerated over the past year, and the trend is here to stay. School districts nationwide are transitioning to cashless systems to simplify ticketing and enhance the fan experience.

In case you missed it, check out what local news sources in California are saying about the CIF North Coast Section partnering with GoFan to provide digital ticketing in the 2021 postseason.

The NCS has partnered with GoFan to offer tickets online or via the GoFan app on their smart phone…..North Coast Section Commissioner Pat Cruickshank said the switch to digital will be safer and more efficient, eliminating the need for person-to-person cash exchange and the accumulation of money from cash purchases being stored on sites. Read more here.

- Argus-Courier

Remember how you used to pay cash for North Coast Section playoff tickets at the gate? Those days are done. The North Coast Section (NCS) is going cashless for the upcoming high school fall sports playoffs, which begin next week in volleyball, as it enters a partnership with GoFan, its official digital ticketing partner.

According to NCS, the new ticketing policy allows a “safer and enhanced experience for students and fans while allowing the section to operate more efficiently prior to the playoff game and at the gate.” Read more here.

- Lake County Record-Bee

The CIF North Coast Section announced it is implementing a digital cashless ticketing model for the upcoming postseason calendar through a new partnership with GoFan, an electronic ticketing platform. Attendees can purchase playoff tickets through the hosting school’s GoFan site or by searching for the school at gofan.co. The platform supports home and mobile devices and also has an app for quicker access. Read more here.

- Times-Standard

As playoffs begin for fall sports throughout the country, fans can expect to see increased usage of digital ticketing and contactless payments.

To learn more about how digital ticketing can help your school, contact us for more information.

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