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Guide: How to Get District Approval for Digital Ticketing

Guide: How to Get District Approval for Digital Ticketing

Today’s high school athletic directors are busier than ever, with limited time and resources to manage events. Digital ticketing can dramatically reduce a massive time commitment for you and your staff. The time savings when reconciling an event digitally versus on a cash basis are staggering - up to 20 hours per week.

These time savings become even more impactful when digital ticketing is implemented throughout an entire district. When every school in the district uses the same digital ticketing platform, district athletic directors can achieve full transparency and visibility of ticket sales and event data.

We work with several districts to help them save time, increase revenue, and elevate the event experience. We understand that getting approval for a new system at the district level can be a challenge, so we’ve created a guide to help you navigate the process.

Step 1: Evaluate the Service

The first step to getting your district on board with digital ticketing is to evaluate the service. Many districts require that schools evaluate various options formally in a report. The two most common criteria during evaluation are pricing and ease of use, including uptime or stability.

Pricing is straightforward with GoFan digital ticketing. The service is completely free for schools, which receive 100% of the ticket list price. Fans pay a small service fee when purchasing tickets on the platform. GoFan covers all credit-card processing fees, so there are no unexpected expenses for schools or districts.

Stability and uptime are also easy to communicate. As the official digital ticketing partner for 39 state associations and thousands of schools, GoFan supports more events than any other provider in the industry. Our technology is designed to support surges in demand without disruption, upwards of 15 transactions per second. Fans can purchase tickets in less than a minute and submit payments securely with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a credit card.

We have processes in place to assist schools that may struggle with mobile connectivity or have concerns about user accessibility. For more information on overcoming these challenges, check out our case study with Meadowcreek High School.


Step 2: Communicate the Value of Digital Ticketing to Your District

The second step to getting your district started with digital ticketing is communicating the value to district decision-makers. With digital ticketing replacing cash sales in most states coming out of the pandemic, your district has likely heard that digital payments help schools save time, increase revenue, and reduce event expenses. However, a school that wants to offer digital ticketing still needs to be able to articulate the value to get buy-in from both district officials and other schools in the district.

When presenting to your district, be sure to include these key points of value:

  • Exceptional Track Record & Customer Support

    As the leading digital ticketing provider for school events, GoFan has a strong track record. Our team works with 39 state associations, thousands of schools, and tens of thousands of venues each year. Customer service is our number-one priority, with dedicated staff and support resources available to answer questions and provide assistance.

  • Real-Time Sales Data & Account Reconciliation

    Reconciliation with GoFan is instant, with sales automatically reported in real-time. School and district administrators can both have account views and view sales as they occur. Reconciliation reports are generated with a simple click of a button. Schools can see ticket sales per event and view a breakdown by ticket type (student, adult, home, away, etc.). This information can be helpful for planning and budgeting purposes.

  • Transparent Financial Reporting

    It’s extremely important for reconciliation and ticket validation to be standardized between district events. Districts often handle a number of school events at one site. There could be different event hosts or schools hosting events at the same venue on any given night. Cash sales can create room for error even for the most diligent employees. With automated reporting and digital payments, different hosts can report event revenue consistently and accurately. All money and guests come in the same way, thus helping districts reconcile the same way for all hosts.

  • Preferred Provider in the Postseason

    GoFan supports 39 state associations with digital ticket sales at playoff events. These state associations account for roughly 90% of all schools in the country that are exposed to GoFan at some point during the year. Additionally, playoffs account for up to 30% of a varsity team’s schedule. For districts, this fact is invaluable. Changing ticketing procedures during a season is difficult and requires a variety of school departments to coordinate communication successfully. The predominant usage of GoFan digital ticketing during the playoffs makes it the best option for most schools from a convenience standpoint. Schools and fans get comfortable using GoFan on campus, and they don’t have to worry about using a different system during the playoffs. It’s a win-win!

  • Cross-Campus Benefits

    Performing arts productions, dances, summer camps, club registrations, and a growing number of other event types can be hosted with digital ticketing. Districts want to source the most helpful service for their schools and communities. The flexibility and versatility of digital ticketing can provide an exceptional cross-campus experience for busy school officials. While there is much fanfare around athletics, digital ticketing can support all school events, from performing arts productions to junior prom and homecoming. Schools can leverage reserved seating and promo codes, along with forms to collect reporting information required by the district or school.

Step 3: Customize and Adopt the Contract

Whether large or small, school districts manage lots of complex business issues. We understand that public school districts are committed to supporting their constituents and community. As a result, our contract for districts outlines the specifics of what districts are concerned with from a risk perspective.

Common Questions During Contract Drafting

How do you Handle Student Records?
GoFan does not handle student records. Generally, we offer tickets to public event sales like football games.

Can you name the district and school sites as Additionally Insured:
Yes! Just send over the entity names, addresses, and phone numbers, and we can add them to the agreement and the insurance policy.

Can money be sent directly to the district?
Yes, absolutely. We support districts that prefer funds be sent directly to schools, and we support districts that prefer all funds be routed to the district. Simply notify your account success manager upon launch and they can help configure this to your preference.

Can district officials see all sales reports?
Yes, districts can maintain parent accounts and add school contacts, or the schools can add district contacts to their accounts. We support schools that handle this both ways.

Can schools set up their own events?
Yes, schools can add events if the district assigns permissions to them. Most districts handle it this way so as to distribute the workload to the sites versus managing more communication. However, districts do have the ability to edit accounts if they prefer.


Step 4: Launch the Service

Once the contract is approved and signed, we typically host an all-schools meeting for athletic directors and financial contacts at school sites. This can be done remotely to save time for school officials. The meeting consists of training and defining the next steps.

Schools will receive access to GoFan HQ to launch the service. Once you receive access to the school admin portal, events and ticket prices can be added instantly. Promotional materials are available for download in the portal also. Schools can add events and promote them the same day that they receive access to GoFan HQ.



If you are interested in bringing GoFan to your district, contact us to connect. Our team can expedite the setup process and help you start selling digital tickets quickly and easily.

To learn more about how digital ticketing can help your district, check out our blog post linked below.

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