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Bringing Communities Together: How Volunteers Support School Activities

Bringing Communities Together: How Volunteers Support School Activities

Student activities like sports, dances, and performing arts are vital to the high school experience and create opportunities for lifelong memories beyond the classroom.

In the final week of National High School Activities Month, the NFHS is highlighting community service. Volunteers often guide student activities, and many programs would not be possible without community support. Staffing for activities can be a challenge for schools from a budgeting standpoint, despite the enormous value of these programs.

The GoFan team is appreciative of all the hardworking volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to supporting school activities and events. Today we recognize the significance of community service for school events and highlight potential volunteer opportunities for those looking for ways to give back.

4 Ways Volunteers Support School Activities and Events

What would schools do without volunteer support? It truly takes a village for school activities to thrive. Here are a few ways that volunteers help ensure the continued success of school events.

1. Event Promotion: Share Event Links with the Community

Volunteers can help promote school events by sharing ticket sales links with the community. When you sell tickets on GoFan, the service includes a ticket sales link for every event that you are offering ticket sales. The sales link is the URL that connects fans to the sales page, where fans can order tickets.

Schools can promote events in many ways, including emailing the opposing athletic director and posting the link on their website and various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  Volunteers can also share and promote these links to their audiences. Additionally, volunteers can help write catchy messages that inspire and generate excitement for the event, making it a bigger draw. 

Tip: Engage parent volunteers to promote your ticket sales for events. Your loyal fans will gladly share information about your upcoming events to help drive attendance.


2. Gate Attendants: Validate Tickets and Help Fans Access Events

Volunteers support school activities by monitoring entry for athletics, performing arts, dances, and other events on campus. Volunteers often validate tickets on fans’ phones at the gate or entrance. 

Here’s how ticket validation works with GoFan. First, a fan purchases a ticket. The system then sends a confirmation email or text to the purchaser. Once the purchaser reaches the front line, they show their validated tickets to the volunteer. The volunteer acknowledges the ticket type and the number of tickets and tells the fan to tap the Use Tickets button. When the fan does this, the system returns a green check mark indicating that the ticket has been used and that the fan(s) should be allowed to enter the event. 

To learn more about the ticket validation process, check out the GoFan Digital Ticketing Guide.

Tip: Engage volunteers to validate tickets at the gate. Some schools cannot use volunteers to perform this task, as it can be part of the job description for paid staff. However, if you’re able to do so, consider volunteers to support your events and reduce staffing burdens and expenses.


3. Ushers: Help Guests Find Their Seats with Reserved Seating

Performing arts often sell seats based on rows and unique seat numbers, just like professional venues.  A growing number of high school athletic programs also offer this service to elevate the event experience. 

GoFan Reserved Seating Digital Ticketing

If you’re hosting an event with reserved seating, consider having volunteers usher guests to their designated seats. Guests select their preferred seats on their phones when purchasing tickets. They can view all the available seats in relation to the stage, field, or court and choose based on their needs. 

Volunteers can make the process even easier by helping guests find their seats when they arrive at the venue. They can also assist guests who may need other accommodations for accessibility and comfort. This VIP treatment can help your guests feel appreciated and welcomed at your events.

Tip: Offer reserved seating to your guests. Use volunteer ushers to help guests find their seats and provide a more personal experience.


4. Signage, Fan Service, and Other Event Logistics

Depending on the resources available to support your events, you may find that you could use additional assistance. Consider asking volunteers to help with any of these common tasks surrounding school activities and events:

  • Set up QR code signs leading up to the event entrance
  • Greet fans and be available to answer questions
  • Confirm tickets for parking and help direct fans arriving at the event 
  • Assist in the concessions stand
  • Help plan fundraisers for specific teams and programs
  • Sell sponsorships and advertising 
  • Chaperone camps and off-site events
  • Coordinate meals, snacks, and hydration for participants

School activities bring communities together and often wouldn’t be possible without volunteers. We are grateful for all the volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to supporting school events around the country. If you’re looking for ways to give back to your community, we encourage you to contact your local school to inquire about volunteer opportunities. 

Next Steps

To learn more about National High School Activities Month and how you can support your local school, visit NFHS.org or follow the NFHS on Twitter and Instagram at @nfhs_org. 

The GoFan team has been publishing blogs and content throughout the month of October to honor high school activities. You can view our recent posts and stay up to date on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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