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Benefits of Integrated Digital Tickets and Schedules for School Events

Less work for schools and a better experience for fans. 

High school coaches, athletic directors, and administrators are busier than ever, especially when it comes to event management. Technology can dramatically reduce the time and effort required to schedule and manage events and activities. The right software makes life easier for educators so they can focus more on their true passion – helping their students.

Digital ticketing minimizes work for school staff before, during, and after each event. From expediting ticket purchase and redemption to improving security and transparency, digital ticketing has clear advantages over traditional paper tickets.

Another key benefit that may not be as apparent is the power of digital ticketing from a scheduling standpoint. Digital tickets correspond with the digital setup of events, where schedules can be entered electronically and managed centrally. Setting up schedules can be a highly tedious process, especially when athletic directors use different systems to manage all their events.

With an integrated approach, event data added to one system can be seamlessly imported to another system. This syndication eliminates double entry of event data and saves significant amounts of time for busy school administrators. When considering a digital ticketing solution, schools should look for a provider that can integrate with top scheduling platforms.


Advantages of Integrated Digital Ticketing and Scheduling

The primary advantages of integrated schedule input are saving time and minimizing human error as a result of double entry. Schedule creation is the most time-consuming part of digital ticketing for schools. We listened to our schools’ feedback and enhanced our product capabilities to streamline the scheduling process and make life easier.

In addition to adding events directly in GoFan HQ, our event management portal, schools can easily import their schedules from platforms like ArbiterSports. By importing event information automatically, schools can save time entering data and setting up events for ticketing. Once schedules are added to GoFan HQ, schools can start selling tickets in a matter of minutes.


Manual Schedule Creation Is Time-Consuming and Risky

When digital ticketing and scheduling aren’t integrated, an athletic director may have to enter the same schedule several times to promote a single event. For many schools, the athletic schedule needs to be up to date on the school website, athletics website, team website, Maxpreps, GoFan, ArbiterSports, the NFHS Network, multiple email chains, and social media. Doing that manually one by one is a job in and of itself. What happens when there is a time change or a canceled game as a result of the weather?

Manual schedule creation consists of adding each event one by one. Events need a date, time, opponent, venue, and other details like capacity limits. Having so many variables can create room for human error. Even the best in the business could make a mistake when setting up hundreds of events on multiple platforms.


Integrated Schedule Management Is Fast and Easy

In addition to saving time, integrated scheduling aims to minimize issues arising from double entry and human error. Rather than manually inputting the same event information in several different systems, schools can add schedules in one place and update other systems automatically. This integrated approach can prevent mistakes and miscommunication when managing events.


Integrated Schedules Create a Better Fan Experience

Digital ticketing and scheduling companies are united by a shared mission to serve schools and fans. Schools are at the forefront of their communities, and events have the power to bring people together. Fans are delighted not only by attending events but also by finding event details quickly and easily. Ticketing and scheduling integration makes this possible.

If event information is inaccurate, it can cause frustration for fans. As much as schools may want to help each and every fan, they don’t have a dedicated customer service team for support purposes. With easy-to-use software, schools can manage and update events seamlessly in a single platform to help fans discover events effortlessly.


Why Doesn't Everybody Integrate Software? 

Beyond technical capabilities, software integration is often dependent on the strategic alignment of different companies. As the largest digital ticketing provider for high schools, GoFan is uniquely positioned to work with other industry leaders like ArbiterSports to elevate the event experience by providing more flexibility and services to schools and fans.


How To Get Started

To learn more about the benefits of integrated digital ticketing and scheduling, check out our blog post linked below or contact us for additional information.

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