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8 Ways Digital Ticketing Can Help High School Principals

8 Ways Digital Ticketing Can Help High School Principals

High school educators and administrators are busier than ever, with an increasing volume of events to manage along with other important responsibilities. Staffing challenges and budget limitations can pose additional difficulties, causing further pressure to do more with less.

Digital ticketing can address these obstacles while driving more revenue and saving significant amounts of time. By rethinking the way events are managed and being willing to try something new, high school principals can elevate the event experience for faculty, students, and communities.

Principals who adopt digital ticketing can achieve these key outcomes:

  1. A holistic view of all your events.

    With so many different activities to manage throughout the year, having a centralized view of all your events can be immensely beneficial. Digital ticketing can be used for all school events, including athletics, performing arts, homecoming and prom dances, summer camps, and more. While these events and activities may be managed by different departments, you can maintain a holistic view of schedules, logistics, and ticket sales information for planning and reporting purposes.

  2. Reduced staffing needs and expenses.

    Paper tickets and cash payments create significant staffing requirements, like pre-selling tickets, validating tickets at the gate, and counting cash before and after each event. With cash sales, you also need to hire security officers for each event specifically to monitor the cashboxes. With digital ticketing, you can reduce your staffing burden while improving efficiency, as you won’t need as many people on site for each event.

  3. Easy scheduling and facility management.

    Imagine if your staff could upload your event schedules in a single system and quickly set ticket prices, add important details, and make changes as needed. With a digital ticketing and event management solution, you can save time scheduling and coordinating facilities while making tickets readily available. You can also easily check on your events to view current ticket sales and confirm or update the facility information. With visibility into all your events, you can stay organized and have the assurance that all the logistics are taken care of.

  4. Simple accounting and budgeting.

    One of the primary benefits of digital ticketing is streamlined bookkeeping. Operating with cash is inefficient and often prone to errors, which can lead to frustrated staff and troublesome discrepancies. Managing the budget when financial reporting is delayed or incomplete can also be difficult. With digital ticketing, you can view your ticket sales data on demand and take appropriate action. Every transaction is instantly accounted for and documented with user-friendly reports.

  5. Accurate reporting for audits.

    Account reconciliation can be challenging when your event staff must count cash and make deposits after each event. These difficulties can become compounded when you have multiple events to manage across campus throughout the year. With digital ticketing, you can easily provide comprehensive, transparent data for audits and other financial documentation that may be required at the district level. Not only that, but your staff won’t have to spend hours on end preparing these reports, as they can be generated quickly from the digital ticketing platform.

  6. Better event security and fraud prevention.

    In addition to being inefficient and labor-intensive, cash payments pose a security risk. By eliminating cash at your events, you’ll no longer have to worry about potential theft or misleading financial reports. Instead, you and your staff can be more present at events and focus on other important aspects of event safety and security.

  7. Increased revenue at no cost to the school.

    With digital ticketing, you can realize more revenue by eliminating cash payments, lowering event expenses, and driving more ticket sales. Additionally, be sure to look for a digital ticketing provider that covers the cost of the service for the school. With this approach, you won’t have any upfront costs when you make the transition to all-digital tickets and payments.

  8. Elevated event experience for your community.

    Your fans are likely accustomed to using digital ticketing to attend many professional, collegiate, and community events. By implementing digital ticketing at your school events, you can provide an elevated experience for your fans and operate more efficiently. Being able to buy tickets in advance online can make life easier for your students and their family members. Once they arrive at events, they can enjoy quick and contactless entry.

Digital ticketing can transform the way you manage events throughout your entire school. In addition to increasing revenue and improving transparency for audits, digital ticketing can help tremendously with staffing and budgeting. With all the time you save planning events, reconciling accounts, and preparing reports, you can focus more on connecting with your faculty, students, and community.

To learn more about how digital ticketing can benefit your school, check out our case study with Meadowcreek High School in Georgia linked below, or contact us for more information. 

How Meadowcreek High School Pioneered Digital Ticketing with GoFan


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