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7 Common Challenges of Using Scanners for Digital Ticketing

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The transition to digital ticketing for high school events has accelerated over the past year. Schools nationwide have realized the benefits of digital ticketing and are eager to adopt new technology to provide a better event experience.

When considering a move to digital ticketing, it’s important to evaluate the provider’s approach to the most important part of the process – ticket redemption. Many digital ticketing solutions available in the market today use scanners to redeem tickets, either in the form of physical hardware or a scanning mobile app.

Scanners can be highly inefficient and unreliable, often resulting in delays at the gate, additional expenses, and unnecessary frustration for your staff and fans. By partnering with a digital ticketing provider that doesn’t use scanners, you can deliver the best possible event experience and avoid these common challenges:

  1. You must remember to charge scanners.

    If you’re scanning with commercial hardware devices, it’s essential to make sure the scanners are charged prior to your event. Forgetting to charge them could be disastrous, especially for high-demand events. With so many events to manage and so much work to do to prepare for them, charging scanners is yet another task on your to-do list. By partnering with a digital ticketing provider that doesn’t rely on scanners, you can avoid this hassle altogether.

  2. They don’t always scan quickly, especially with digital tickets.

    Have you ever redeemed a ticket or given a payment method by presenting your phone to scan? Chances are, you’ve experienced a delay or technical difficulty at some point. Whether it’s having to adjust the brightness on your phone, holding your device further away or at a different angle, or zooming in on the barcode, it’s common to have to try more than once for the scanner to work properly.

    This may seem like a minor inconvenience to you individually, but these delays can add up quickly with crowded events. Look for a digital ticketing provider that offers ways to redeem tickets without scanning, like pressing a button on the phone screen.

  3. Scanners require close proximity.

    Scanners typically must be within a relatively short distance of the barcode to work properly. With many health and safety protocols calling for social distancing and minimizing contact at events, scanners aren’t the best option for ticket redemption.

    If your digital ticketing provider allows fans to redeem tickets by pressing a button, they can present their phone to a gate attendant from a distance and press the “Redeem” button themselves. This approach eliminates unnecessary contact and expedites the event entry process.

  4. You must train your staff on how to use scanners properly.

    Any digital ticketing solution will require effective user training to be successful. However, scanners add another element to the training program. In addition to learning how to navigate the digital ticketing app and answer common questions, staff will need to be taught how to use equipment that may not be familiar to them. If technical or mechanical problems arise with scanners, the average user may have difficulty resolving them quickly.

  5. Scanners need a strong Wi-Fi connection.

    Most scanners require a strong Wi-Fi connection to work properly. Many schools may not have a consistent Wi-Fi connection, particularly for outdoor events. This is yet another obstacle and potential point of failure when using scanners for ticket redemption. To help ensure your event runs smoothly, look for a digital ticketing solution that doesn’t need scanners or Wi-Fi.

  6. Scanners are an additional expense.

    Depending on the policies of your digital ticketing provider, you may have to pay an additional fee for commercial equipment like scanners. If a scanner malfunctions and needs to be replaced, you will likely be responsible for that expense as well. Such fees can be easily avoided by partnering with a provider that doesn’t rely on scanners for ticket redemption.

  7. Event staff and volunteers don’t want to use their personal devices for scanning apps.

    Some scanning solutions available in the market today use mobile apps rather than physical hardware. While this approach can reduce the typical expense of scanners, it can be difficult to gain adoption. Most schools don’t have extra tablets and smartphones on hand, so they must rely on staff members and volunteers to use their personal devices for ticket redemption.

    However, many people are reluctant to use their personal devices to scan tickets due to privacy concerns. This also places an additional burden on gate attendants to make sure their phones are fully charged to handle extended periods of scanning tickets. You can bypass these frustrations by choosing a digital ticketing provider that understands the challenges of using scanners.
Digital ticketing can dramatically improve event management by streamlining payments and accelerating entry. However, digital ticketing solutions that depend on scanners have limitations that can hinder your progress and impact the overall event experience. To ensure you achieve the maximum potential of your digital ticketing solution, look for a provider that doesn’t require the use of scanners. By eliminating scanners, you can make the ticketing process much easier and faster for staff and fans alike.

To learn more about how digital ticketing can help your school, contact us for further information.
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